When Life Gives You Limes, Make a Mojito


Architect Julian Hakes has set a new bar in shoe design, one I’m looking forward to bellying up against soon. The Mojito happened by accident when the designer deconstructed the shoe to figure out which parts were actually needed to support and protect the foot. It turns out that only the ball of the foot and the heel need to be supported, the rest is somewhat superfluous.

The shoe’s single wrap design coils around the ball of the foot, over the bridge, then gracefully sweeps down below the heel before twisting back on itself, providing support for the heel and ankle. The winding shape resembles a twist of lime—a favorite garnish of the famed Mojito, thus the name of this clever shoe.

I’m envisioning a festive happy hour in my future, one with a definite twist. Salud!