Step Into Greatness!


Big news! After many requests, I’m relaunching my private life coaching practice– available WORLDWIDE! Please check out my services below and contact me if you’re ready to step into your greatness! No dream is too big or too small for these shoes:


We all want to live in our own shoes; to walk our own unique path, but it’s much easier to stay on the well-groomed trail that we’re “supposed” to take. It’s no wonder that from a young age most of us have been encouraged to minimize our wins, dim our lights, and draw safely within the lines. Creativity and vulnerability go hand in hand. Yes, it’s really scary to go after a dream… that’s why you have me. The self-love doctor is in!

I’ll walk with you, motivate and inspire you to recognize your greatness and encourage you to dial up your creative wattage. We’ll out-maneuver the self-doubt that’ll inevitably show up. In weeks, you’ll be dreaming BIG. Where you once saw a pathway filled with obstacles, you’ll notice possibilities.

We dream big and we MOVE on those imaginings. Dreams without actions are just wishes. I prescribe grounded, realistic action steps that turn your aspirations into REALITY. Most people turn around and go home when their goal feels overwhelming and out of reach. No dream is too bold for these shoes. We’ll take it together, step-by-step, until you arrive at your destination!

Oh yeah, and if you like fashion, you’re in the right place. I believe shoes and clothing can be used as spiritual medicine. Other coaches use mala beads, incense or crystals as spiritual tools. We’ll work with shoes (and other stylish accessories) to help you visualize and stay motivated. Watch my TEDx talk on the subject.

My clients leave our time together with a fierce sense of confidence. Each has blazed a distinctive trail. Some have become New York Times best-selling authors, others have created acclaimed art exhibitions and film projects and started successful businesses. Most importantly, all own their GREATNESS in whatever they set out to do. Sometimes ideas fail, but I’ve never worked with anyone who’s regretted trying. No dream is too small or too grand.

Are you ready to roll? Let’s put on our superhero shoes and get started.

3-Session Starter Series:
In three one-hour sessions we’ll uncover your dream, dispel what might be stopping you, and set up a series of realistic action steps.
$375 ($125/session)

6-Session Get Moving Series:
In six one-hour sessions you will gain clarity, squash limiting beliefs and thoughts, start moving with concrete action steps, and follow through even when the path ahead feels impossible.
$690 ($115/session)

9-Session Dreams to Reality Coaching Program:
In nine one-hour sessions you’ll realize what it is you really want, identify limiting beliefs and internal conflicts of interest, create an action plan, overcome roadblocks, and move forward fearlessly. This is my signature-coaching package with hundreds of success stories. This package is recommended for anyone with a long-term goal that requires consistent action (ie. writing a book, starting a business, marketing campaign, etc.)
$900 ($100/session)

SINGLE Session:
A single session tune-up can be use during life emergencies, transitions, or when you’re feeling off and need a reminder of who you truly are. Available to those who have had THREE sessions or MORE.


Contact me here or via email: ShannonBindler(at)me(dot)com to schedule an appointment. Sessions are available in person in Los Angeles and worldwide via Skype, phone, or Google Hangout.