Sacred Sunday

Fortress of Inca Oxford Boot

· depletion      · sense of overwhelm
· tiredness       · lack of energy

Outer: Oxford boots by Fortress of Inca, straight-legged stretch jeans, flannel shirt by Patagonia,
House of Karm hair jewelry, and a good book.
Inner: I unplug from technology and recharge and restore my energy weekly. Repeat as necessary.

May cause an irrepressible surge of will and energy come Monday.

Oxford boot Sole Prescription

With such a busy workweek, it’s easy to spend the weekend running errands, doing chores and/or catching up on projects. Somehow I allowed Sunday to become just another workday, which is exacerbated by my addiction to technology (email, social media, blogging, etc).

A month ago I decided to start taking a modern-day Sabbath. One day a week, I kick up my heels, read a good book and restore my energy. For me, this includes unplugging from all of my technological distractions. I allow myself to answer or make actual phone calls that include real-person conversations, but besides that, I’m doing my best to put the computer, tablet and phone away for the day. (And if you are wondering, I wrote this blog post and set it to publish yesterday.)

Sunday style requires uber-comfy pieces that cultivate a relaxed state of being. I’m smitten with these high oxford boots by Fortress of Inca. They are comfortable and unpretentious, yet still chic—just because you’re lounging doesn’t mean you need to wear unsightly slippers for goodness’ sake!

It’s pretty amazing what one day of restoration can do.

What do you think about the idea of practicing a modern-day Sabbath?


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