My Sunset Sky



· weariness      · stagnation
· self neglect   · dullness



Outer: Foldable rain boots by Butterfly Twists, rain jacket by Viktor & Rolf.
Inner: I give myself a fresh start, whatever the weather or circumstances.


WARNING Wear may lead to puddle skipping and dancing in the rain.



Clouds inevitably float into my life, sometimes with warning, other times rather unexpectedly. Sometimes they issue a moody storm that pounds and pushes all of my petals to the ground.

I love the dramatic collar of this Viktor & Rolf rain jacket

Other days, drops gently clear away the smog and dust. I run outside and let the silver liquid kiss my wrinkled brow and pitter-patter upon my umbrella. My daughter and I slosh in mud puddles to see who can make the biggest splash. Rain!

ButterflyTwists2 Butterfly Twists
Fold down rain boots by Butterfly Twists are easy to carry in your purse.

I try to take it all in, the fickleness of my soul’s seasons. I smell the rain, feel the wind, and remind myself that this, too, shall pass. Each heavy drop washes away what no longer serves me. I embrace a clean slate, which inevitably adds color to my sunset sky.


Snapshots by Ayn Carrillo Gailey. Check out her creative projects at & Wondermint

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