Where Love Wants To Go



· desire to control another    · feeling unloved
· broken heart    · feeling alone

 Heels by Prada, DIY sequin heart shoe clips, DIY shoe heart sole.
INNER: I connect to love and fill my cup to the brim.

warningWARNING: Wear may instigate a full heart and a desire to share that overflow with another. Caution: wear may instigate feelings unbridled contentment.

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What is love? Sometimes we give it away, and other times we receive it. We withhold love, and it can be withheld from us. Love is more than an emotion; it’s an ineffable force, like gravity, that can pull, connect, and grow.

Love can catch us by surprise and disappoint like no other. That is, when we try to put it in a controlled container. Love is messy. Love is free. And we all want to experience it.

The best way I’ve ever been able to explain love is through this simple poem (author unknown):

Love is the sweetest thing that I know,
You keep it around by letting it go.
And you follow close and you follow slow.
Let love take you where love wants to go.

jasmine-amber-heart-shoesThere is nothing like walking with love on your soles. Image by Jasmine Amber Photography. Check out her site for amazing bridal photography.

Love is letting go. One of the greatest gifts we’ve been given is the gift of choice. To try to control love is futile. You can choose to connect to love. Or not. But none of us can exert power over it.

Love comes from the overflow. Fill your own cup. Respect yourself. Take care of yourself to the highest degree possible. When your cup is filled to the brim, it’s easy to extend that overflow to another. If they don’t want to partake, then smile and let them be on their way. It’s the same with a lover, friend, or even our children (or parents). Love never puts itself upon another or drains from another.

To love is to let go.

Love is always available. Ask to feel love’s presence, and you’ll be filled, not by someone else but by the universe. It’s always here, we just need to connect and invite it in.

ShannonPradaMarbleThis and the first featured snapshot were taken by my friend and creative muse Ayn Carrillo Gailey.

Fill yourself with love, and then fill another. And let love take you where love wants to go.


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