I Am Beautiful Revolution!

I’ve loved receiving your responses to my article I Am Beautiful. So many of you shared photos of yourself via Facebook, twitter and email. You are all incredibly beautiful! Each one has touched me deeply and I am grateful to be having this conversation.

In that spirit, I wanted to share a blog (inspired by my article) from the amazing handbag designer Emily Rosendahl:

I am going to say it… I think I am beautiful. No, I am not being a complete narcissist by saying it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying those three little words out loud, “I am beautiful!”

This topic stems from my girlfriend and “Shoeologist” Shannon Bindler’s recent article. She is the bees knees and has openly touched the sensitive topic of beauty. Well done girl! Over the years media and exposure has made women become so judgmental not only of ourselves, but of others. Shame on us!

There is not a single person on the planet without a flaw. I see flaws as unique characteristics, like a birth mark. Yes, I wish my ass would stay put and defy gravity. Yes, I wish I would stop getting pimples at 34. Yes, I wish my tummy didn’t have a little extra love hanging over my bikini. Guess what, I don’t care about any of it and I’m still going to wear a bikini, jiggly ass and all!

I work out 4 -5 days per week to feel fit and healthy, which is exactly how I feel, fit and healthy! I have curves that I love, I have scars that remind me of adventures, I have stretch marks from a growth spurt, and I don’t want to fix any of it. I am completely comfortable in my own skin, and I’m a firm believer that confidence is the absolute sexiest quality a woman can possess.

I will say it proudly, openly and honestly. I know that true beauty comes from the inside out. I think I am beautiful!

– Emily

Emily Rosendahl sole prescription
Emily traveling through Africa

I’d love to hear more of your stories and see pictures of your beautiful selves. Please feel free to shoot me a message via facebook or twitter with the hashtag #soleprescription. Let’s keep this beauty revolution train rolling!

You are beautiful.


So are these handbags by Emily Rosendahl: