Real Girls Guide to Rockin’ Body Jewelry

body jewelry, lariat necklace

I gasped when I first saw Jennifer Aniston on the red carpet in her structured suit, bare chest and, yes, that amazing Amrit Jewelry body bling. It was incredibly sexy and simultaneously sophisticated. I was hooked.

Jennifer Aniston body jewelry

Aniston wears a lariat necklace in the first image and a body chain in the second. A lariat style necklace is a necklace that normally has no specific clasp on either end. Body chains, however, may clasp around waist, arms or other areas of the body.

While I wanted to emulate the look, I had to face a couple of realities. Ms. Aniston was wearing fine jewelry, which isn’t optimal for an experiment. Not to mention most women, including myself, don’t have Jennifer Aniston’s, er, assets.

Luckily my friend Anita Mawji, designer of Sage & Stone has been making lariat necklaces and body chains for years. She’s committed to creating affordable, high-quality body jewelry. (Lariats and body chains range from $60-$190.)

Lariat Necklace Style Rx

Here’s what I discovered in the process:

1. It’s impossible to wear a bra with this look. Celebs use boob tape, but I didn’t have any and was too lazy to drive across town, so I settled for a couple pieces of duct tape (works!) but be careful with removal (ouch!). Here is a tutorial I wish I’d read beforehand.

2. Layering and mismatching is a yes! I had fun piling on different strands, even mixing gold and silver.

3. This look is just as fun going down the back.

lariat necklace back

body chain back

4. Double sided fashion tape is your friend! How else do you think J Lo keeps those dresses from becoming a wardrobe malfunction? I lined the sides of my blazers to keep the look from turning into a “situation.”

5. I felt very connected to my heart wearing a lariat. I rarely wear anything down the center of my chest (or back) and found it helped me bring focus to my 4th (heart) chakra. I experienced a sense of alertness and energy.

6. While this look is a little racy for work, it’s a refreshing alternative for a date or night out.

lariat necklace body chain

If you’re looking to activate your unifying chakra, a body chain or lariat is a great connector and reminder of the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, and joy that’s located at the heart center.

I’d love to see how you rock body jewelry. Post a selfie on my facebook or tag me on twitter or instagram.


* All of the jewelry worn in this piece are available at Sage & Stone.

** Photography by SRGKRPNKO 

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