A penny loafer is prescribed to individuals suffering from one or more of the following feelings or experiences:
  • financial instability
  • impoverishment, hopelessness
  • envy or jealousy directed at those who have more
  • nervousness or anxiety about one's financial future
  • neediness, scarcity
Prescription Penny Loafer
The penny loafer is prescribed for individuals looking to step into greater abundance in any area of life (physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental). The penny loafer is a slip­on shoe without laces. In its traditional form, it has an almond toe and a low­stacked block heel. It has a slotted strap stitched to the vamp, which may house a coin, jewel, stud or tassel.
Repeated wear may create unexplainable income opportunities, including but not limited to: raises, lowering of expenses, inheritance, new employment, generosity from others, ROI, scholar­ ships, grants, business prospects, and other means of gain such as money falling from the sky.


Don’t take the penny loafer the wrong way; it isn’t a completely shallow shoe. Sure it screams, ‘show me da money!’ (not in an in­-your­-face thug way, more like in an excited investment banker way), but it also represents all aspects of abundance, which is more of a state of being.

The penny loafer is practical and enduring—just like we want our financial security to be. Since it first gained popularity in the 1930s, the penny loafer has held a continual place in fashion history. It is a masculine dress shoe often worn by members of high society and successful business people. Like a reliable retirement fund, its appeal has remained steady throughout the ups and downs of fickle trends.

The penny loafer became associated with money because of the common practice of placing a coin into the shoe’s half­moon slit. Back in the days when pay phones existed, it was common to place a dime in the slot of one’s penny loafer in case of emergency. Though pay phones and the reality of a dime actually paying for something have become mere memories, this shoe can still hold a coin, which is a fantastic way to connect with the intention of creating greater abundance. Whatever your interpretation of abundance may be, the penny loafer can support you to embrace more of it.