Positive Thoughts Brightened Her Day

We all know the saying, “You are what you eat.” I think there is another saying that should be just as well known, “You become what you think.”

NASA conducted a study that found that the act of stating an intention for 32 consecutive days can actually create new neural pathways in the brain. Studies show that when we repeatedly think a thought, physical changes in the brain occur, making it easier to think the thought and, more importantly, act on it. No joke! The rocket scientists say so.

It’s easy to focus on the negative, on all the things that are not working, but whatever we place our energy on grows. I often take a moment to ask myself if my thoughts are focused on improbability or possibility, scarcity or abundance? I try to observe where I’m focusing my attention. I do my best to stay focused on what I’d like to bring forward in my life.

I try to make it a game. I keep a pad of paper in my pocket and note every negative thought I have throughout the day. Before bed, I go over the list and replace each negative thought with a positive thought. It works!

Here are some of the reframes I played with this week:

Original thought: I’m an awful mother. I can’t believe I don’t have more patience.
Re-stated thought: I’m discovering new ways to cultivate greater patience daily.

Original thought: I am afraid of trying, I’m sure I’ll be horrible at it anyway.
Restated thought: I am embracing my creativity and trusting myself.

Original thought: It’s not safe for me to speak my mind. I’ll just be shot down anyway.
Restated thought: I am safe to speak my truth. My ideas are respected and heard.

Every morning, when I step into my shoes I state what I want to create in my life. Hey, if the shoe fits, I wear it… and if it doesn’t, I change into a pair that does.