Shannon Bindler: Shoeologist

Decorators help make your home feel lovely. Stylists help you to look your best. A Life Stylist makes your LIFE more gorgeous, from the inside/out. I work with my clients to design a life that they love, one that feels and looks spectacular. I encourage people to not just think outside of the box, but to throw the box away and consciously create in ways that make their heart sing. I support my clients to connect to their intuition, listen to their hearts, and take the action steps necessary to live a life that’s on purpose, not the one society tells them they should have.

The process is twofold. Inner change is the key to outer results. If you want to change the way your life looks, you have to change the way you feel and think about yourself. At the same time, the outer world is important. Our bodies, homes, relationships and lifestyles reflect the essence of who we truly are. We can’t neglect either aspect. It’s my job to support my clients in creating both inner and outer harmony so they can ignite their soul’s purpose in the world.

So how we do that? I offer two services: Coaching and Inner-Outer Makeover packages. Click to read more about both.

As you travel through my website, you’ll discover that I play with merging fashion and spirituality. I use fashion as a spiritual tool for upliftment, healing and growth. You’ll find a series of shoe and style prescriptions where I line up fashionable objects with their energetic qualities (some may even call them super hero powers). If you’ve ever wondered what you could wear to change the way you feel, you are in the right place.

Now to the nitty gritty, credentials and stuff. I’ve been a life coach for the last 8 years. I’ve worked with hundreds of private clients and am the co-founder of Get Up Girl, an empowerment company that inspires women to shine. I have a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and am a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching (iPEC). I received a BA in Communication from Lewis & Clark College and love to continue to discover more about myself through programs such as The Landmark Educational Series and the Peace Theological Seminary.

In addition to coaching, I’ve been a stylist and editor at several publications for over a decade. I started as the Lifestyle Editor at Yogi Times Magazine where I had a large hand in branding and creating the magazine’s unique and highly acclaimed look. In 2010, I was hired by Life by Me to help the online publication create a bold brand­-story, incorporate strong design elements, involve charitable causes, and develop networking and cross-­platforming to maintain a unique marketing presence. In 2011, I was recruited by Reign Magazine to become the online publication’s highly visible Style Editor. I’m a published author and contribute regularly to Hearst Publications (I’m a Team Red contributor for Redbook Magazine), the Huffington PostBlogHerThe Daily Love, and Modern Mom.

My heroes are Gwen Stefani (for her moxie and fierce fashion sense) and Louise Hay (for her deep healing work). I’d like to say my programs and writing have elements of both of these firecrackers: a little bit of creativity + style and a whole lot of deep lovin’.

If you’re ready to step into greatness, book an Inner-Outer Makeover package or a Coaching series with me! They are both powerful journeys that we’ll walk together. Read what some of my clients have to say about working with me.

Begin now. Contact me here. Design the life you’ve always wanted.